Let me guess …

Clarity Consulting with Rachelle Strauss

You’re Juggling Hundreds of Plates

You’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed.
And it’s making you tired.
You’re paralysed by choices (or feel you have none).
And your mind never stops.
You’re sabotaging your own progress.
You’re spinning your wheels.
You wish there was a ‘pause’ button so you could catch up.
You’ve read the books, taken the courses and burned the t-shirt.
And now you’re ready to take action and get the work / life balance you crave.

Yearning for the perfect work / life balance?
Longing to feel in control of your life?
Don’t know the next step to take?

Then Clarity Consulting is for you!

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Let's steam clean your mind.

I help busy, overwhelmed women find absolute clarity on the next step they need to take so they feel motivated, focused and energised.
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